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Lui Cat Scratcher

Lui Cat Scratcher

The Lui Cat Scratcher gives your cat multiple reasons to leave the couch alone; Lui is made of corrugated cardboard that naturally attracts cats, providing your cat not only a place to scratch, but also to sleep and play.  It is the perfect texture for scratching, and the cardboard retains heat, providing a welcoming surface for lounging. The shapely curves create a cozy nook that your furry friend will cuddle inside and climb through. Lui comes in natural color or white and is proportioned to complement any sized cat.

• Multipurpose: scratch, sleep and play
• Naturally attracts cats
• Reversible to last longer
• Handmade in Poland
• Local, eco-friendly cardboard
• Certified adhesive is safe for cats and people
• Tested to safely hold up to 23 lbs of weight
• 10.25" tall, 10.25" wide and 29.5" long


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