Modko is a small Brooklyn based company that creates innovative cat products for your modern lifestyle. We truly believe that well-thought-out design improves our lives, and yes, this includes litter boxes! We approach every new product in response to genuine needs expressed by our customers and are currently excited to be expanding our modern cat product line that began with the award-winning Modkat Litter Box.


How we started.

Brett Teper and Rich Williams formed Modko in 2007 out of their growing passion for solving everyday problems and improving the things they use daily. After an exhaustive search for a litter box to complement the design of his Brooklyn apartment, Rich came up empty handed. In defeat, he complained endlessly to his wife until she said, "You're a designer, why don't you just design one!" Rich couldn't sleep that night and the next day he presented the idea to Brett, his then-partner in a graphic design business, and Brett thought that the idea was brilliant and they jumped at the opportunity to get started. Two years later, Rich and Brett introduced the Modkat Litter Box at the 2009 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), where it earned The Editor's Choice Award for Best Accessory, and soon after was bestowed the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Modko was born.

Photo: Elizabeth Lamark

Design happenings.

R.I.T. T-minus
Modko’s Brett Teper was invited by his alma mater, R.I.T. Industrial Design, to share his experiences about design and to participate in their annual T-minus project. Over 48 teams competed this year, each composed of one representative from every level of the I.D. program to produce a product from one of four proposed challenges. More »


Nice things said.

We are grateful and flattered to have received great press from a variety of amazing blogs and publications. Check out our recent interviews with Forbes, GBlog and a not-so-recent interview from Design Public. For press inquires please contact us at