Flip Litter Box

Reusable Tarp Liner + Hanging Scoop


The Flip Litter Box gets its name from its double-hinged, magnetic lid which effortlessly opens with a finger and gratifyingly shuts with a snap. It is designed to provide easy access for scooping and cleaning, while offering a spacious interior and three privacy positions to accommodate any cat's preference. The top-mounted lid gives Flip a full height, seamless, liquid-tight base, which neatly houses a reusable tarp liner for a tidy litter solution.

  • All-in-one litter solution
  • 1-2-3 Position lid for cats preference
  • Seamless, full height base: prevents leaks
  • Modern design looks great in any space
  • Quick, easy access for cleaning
  • Spacious interior
  • Hanging scoop
  • 1x Tarp liner with Clip and Hooks Pack 
  • Dimensions: 15" W x 20.5" L x 16.75" H


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